Exhibition 2018 for fiber laser cutter – Alex

Every year we will take part in many oversea exhibition, it have big help for our band promotion. This month we participate in two exhibition in Russia and Malaysia. In 2018, still we have exhibition plan in India, Germany, Italy etc, all we will take fiber laser cutter there.


Fiber laser cutting machine is big machine, it will take high cost when we take it go to exhibition. Why still we take fiber laser cutting machine to oversea exhibition?

Fiber laser cutter is different with fiber laser marking machine, it is not cheap machine. Most customers prefer to see machine first then make decision. Although oversea exhibition will take high cost, it have big help for our brand promotion and customer will trust us more. Then machine sod will be easy in local.

Additional, fiber laser cutting machine on exhibition spot can show company strength, and it will absorb large quantity customer. share Russian exhibition live video with you.

Where we will go 2018?

Up to now we have finished South Korea, Russia and Malaysia air. All fair we took fiber laser cutting machine there and get good effect. Russia is very big country, also it have big demand on fiber laser machine. So we went to Russian fair.

Malaysia is fast developing market in Southeast Asia, Malaysia will be a pioneer in Southeast Asia market.

In next few months, we will go to India, Germany and Italy. India is a super big market on laser machine. Although its price is very low, the sales volume is very large. Nobody can ignore this market.

Germany and Italy are the leader of fiber laser technology, most famous laser company build in these two country. So we select extend the market to the birthplace of laser.

More information about our fair and fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, feel free to contact us.

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