Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Why I write the fiber laser cleaning machine again here?

Because recently I meet some customers, and I found, they know few about the fiber laser welding machine.

I hope let more and more customers know the fiber laser cleaning machine.

After checking you can find its difference with traditional cleaning machine.

First: Working principle of fiber laser cleaning machine:

The laser cleaning machine is a new type of equipment based on the interaction effect of laser and material. It is different from the traditional mechanical cleaning methods in the past. It can effectively remove the surface attachments or surface coatings at a high speed, without any damage to the CFC during the work Organic solvent, zero pollution, no noise, harmless to human body and environment.

Second: Application field

Laser cleaning machine has the functions of metal surface rust removal, surface paint and paint stripping treatment, surface oil, stain, dirt cleaning, surface coating, coating removal, and rubber mold residue cleaning.

It is widely used in shipbuilding, auto parts, and rubber molds, High-end machine tools, tire molds, track, environmental protection industry, weapon equipment industry, nuclear power industry and other industries.

Third: Features:

First: No grinding and non-contact cleaning to avoid secondary pollution.
Second: High cleaning accuracy and strong controllability.
Third: No consumables, strong environmental protection.
Fourth: The operation is simple, and it can be energized. It can be hand-held or cooperated with a robot to realize automatic cleaning.
Fifth: High cleaning efficiency saves time.
Sixth: One-time investment, economical and efficient.

Fourth: Machine working video:




Fifth: Machine picture:

Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy
Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy















Hope above info let you know more about the machine.

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