Laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy
Laser cleaning machine-Nancy











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So, with the improvement of industrial environmental protection standards, cleaning solutions with high efficiency, environmental protection, no chemical pollution, and high cleanliness are receiving more and more attention and applications from enterprises.

XT Laser takes the lead in launching plasma cleaning and laser cleaning by taking advantage of the first-mover advantage of technology.

And this solution is widely applicable in the industry.

It can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of enterprises and improve the effect of industrial cleaning.

So, fiber laser cleaning machine have many advantages compared with troditional cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning.

It has the advantages of easy control, easy automation and integration, no chemical reagents, surface cleaning, high cleaning cleanliness, high precision, etc.

Laser cleaning has the characteristics of non-grinding and non-contact.

It can not only be used to clean organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc.

The application effects include: rust removal, paint removal, and Oil stains, cultural relics restoration, glue removal, coating removal, coating removal.

Application industries:

First: Shipbuilding industry.

Second: Auto parts.

Third: Rubber abrasives.

Fourth: High-end machine tools.

Fifth: Tire molds.

Sixth: Rails.

Seventh: Environmental protection industry.

Eighth: Weapon equipment industry.

Ninth: Nuclear bomb industry and others.

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