Fiber laser cleaning machine

Fiber laser cleaning machine

  1. Single pulse energy.

    Single pulse energy is the concentrated energy of the laser beam.
    The larger the value, the higher the energy and the cleaner the laser removal.

    2. Power consumption

    For 200W Cleaning machine: Its overall power is about 2700W
    T 300W Cleaning machine: Its overall power is about 3900W
    And 500W Cleaning machine: Its overall power is about 4100W
    The specific consumption depends on the time you use.

    3. Working temperature

    Working environment requirements:
    Temperature range: 10-40℃; Humidity range: ≤80%
    Our machine is equipped with a water cooler, as long as you change the water frequently
    and pay attention to the temperature change of the water cooler, the stable operation of the machine can be ensured.


  1.  Laser power and  water cooler

    500W output power is more stable and stronger, Max single pulse energy is twice that of 300W
    The 500W water chiller has more functions and more powerful functions, which can better ensure that the machine runs at a stable temperature and greatly extend its service life.

  300W 500W
Repeat frequency 10-50KHz 20-50KHz
Max single pulse energy 12.5mJ 25mJ
Laser core diameter 100um 200um
  1.  Cleaning head

    The size of the 500w cleaning head is 279x154x82mm,
    The size of the 500w cleaning head is 350x179x107mm,
    The 500w cleaning head has additional functions:
    infrared distance measurement (finding focus)  and temperature monitoring (monitoring the temperature of the cleaning head, so as not to damage the cleaning head if the temperature is too high)

    6. Fiber optic cable

    The standard configuration of 300W fiber optic cable is 5m, which can be customized to extend up to 10 meters without affecting the power.
    The standard configuration of 500W fiber optic cable is 10m, and it can be customized to extend up to 15 meters without affecting the power