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Features of fiber laser marking

Fiber laser marking machine has many advantages compare with traditional symbol methods (pad printing, coding, electro-erosion, etc.) due to its extraordinary working principle;

First:Non-contact processing

can  print on any regular or irregular surface, and there will be no internal stress on the workpiece;

 Second:Wide range of materials

Can print on materials of different types or hardness, such as metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, paper, leather, etc.;

Third:It can integrat with other equipment on the pro:duction line ,and advance the automation degree of the production line;

Fourth: The symbol is clear, durable, beautiful, and prevent counterfeiting;

Fifth:Long service life and no pollution;

Sixth: Low working cost

The marking speed is fast and the symbol is formed at one time, the energy consumption is small, more important the work cost is low.

Seventh: High processing efficiency

The laser beam under the control of the computer ,so it can move at a high speed (speed up to 5 to 7 m/s), and the marking process can  complete with a few seconds. The printing of a standard computer keyboard can  finish in 12 seconds. The laser marking system is equipp a computer control system, which can actively cooperate with the high-speed assembly line.

Eighth:Fast development speed

Due to the connection between laser technology and accounting machine technology, users only need to program on the accounting machine to end the laser printing output, and can change the printing plan at any time, which fundamentally replaces the traditional mold making process, and shortens the product upgrade cycle and flexible production Provide convenience stuff.

Ninth: High machining accuracy

The laser can act on the surface of the material with a very thin beam, the smallest line width can reach 0.05mm. So it creates a broad application space for precision processing and increased anti-counterfeiting functions.

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