Double Drive of fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Double Drive of fiber laser cutting machine

Double Drive of fiber laser cutting machine.

Double Drive of fiber laser cutting machine

The double drive is a bilateral drive to complete the cutting action.So that the beam can evenly stress and not easily deform. However, the single-drive will.Cause the cutting precision to be low due to uneven force at both ends, and the dynamic performance is poor.

In general, the cost of a two-drive laser cutting machine is higher.But more professional laser cutting machine manufacturers are more willing to produce a double-drive laser cutting machine to obtain a good product reputation and product value.

The advantages of bilateral drivers are.

1. The machine tool double-sided rack and pinion has larger transmission force, more stable cutting, higher reliability and higher precision.

2. The double-driven gear rack has a longer life than the single-sided screw nut.

3. The double-sided rack and pinion has higher elongation and the cutting width can be larger.So as to meet the individual needs of large-format customers.

Why more and more customers choose fiber laser cutter?

1. Cutting seam.The slit of laser cutting is generally 0.15mm-0.25mm.

2. The cutting surface is smooth.The laser-cut cutting surface has no burr.

3. Small thermal deformation.Laser processing laser slits are fine, fast, and concentrated.So the heat transferred to the material to cut is small, causing the deformation of the material to be very small.

4. Suitable for the processing of large-size products.The mold manufacturing cost of large-size products is very high,laser processing does not require any mold manufacturing.And laser processing completely avoids the collapse form when punch and shear the material.Which can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise. Improve the grade of the product.

5. It is very suitable of new products, shortening the development cycle.Once the product drawings are formed, laser processing can perform immediately.And you can get the new products in the shortest time.

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