Do’s and Don’ts when you install the laser source in a laser cleaner–Caesar

1) Place the laser horizontally in a suitable position and do the necessary fixing.
2) Before powering up the laser, please check whether the laser power supply is stable (single-phase AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz) and whether the grounding wire is good.
3) In the uncharged state will be the laser all power lines and control lines connected.
4) Connect the cooling system to the laser and output head according to the inlet and outlet water markings.
5) Please check the laser output head and do the necessary cleaning, then install it into the equipment. If you find any dust on the output head, please contact us.
If dust is found on the output head, please contact RICOH in time and do not continue to install and operate the laser for the time being.
6) Do not step on, squeeze or excessively bend the yellow/metal-clad protective jacket during the installation of the jumper.
tube to avoid damage to the fiber.
7) During the installation and disassembly process, please take care to hold the laser output head gently and do not subject it to vibration.
8) During the installation of the jumper output head, please ensure the surrounding environment is clean, otherwise the output head may be contaminated.
(Do not use electric fans to dissipate heat when it is hot in summer, so as to avoid large dust in the air).
9) Laser transmission fiber in transport, storage and other non-working state, the minimum bending radius should not be less than 20cm.
In the laser light state, the minimum bending radius should not be less than 30cm.