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Different Processes of Laser Marking Machine

There are many different Processes of Laser Marking Machine.Pls check the following:

Surface Marking

Surface marking is a special type of laser etching for metals. The heat effect of the laser beam causes an oxidation process underneath the material surface. It results in a color change on the metal surface.

Laser Engraving

During laser engraving,  the laser melts and evaporate the workpiece surface. Consequently, the laser beam removes the material. Then thus the impression in the surface is the engraving.


During removing, the laser beam removes the top coats applied to the substrate. It produced the contrast as a result of the different colors of top coat and substrate. Common materials that are laser marked by way of removing of material include anodized aluminum, coated metals, foils and films, or laminates.

Color Marking

Color marking is a marking process that uses MOPA fiber laser source to mark color on metal surface such as stainless steel, titanium, etc. MOPA refers to a configuration consisting of a master laser (or seed laser) and an optical amplifier to boost the output power.


3D Marking


The 3D laser marking system is through software control optical expanded beam lens in the optical axis direction high speed reciprocating motion, dynamic adjustment of the focal length of the laser beam, making focal spot in different locations on the surface of workpiece keep uniform, so as to realize the 3D surface, a surface precision of laser processing.

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