Different laser marking machine for plastic marking:Claudia

Different laser marking machine for plastic marking

Different laser marking machine for plastic marking

Laser marking machine with different laser source occupies an important role in plastic industry.

Most of customers from different industry would like to mark barcode, production date and serials number on plastic.

We all know that food industry is common in our daily life.

Also most of their package is made of plastic.

Then what kind of machine could we use to mark plastic?

In this passage we would like to give some suggestion for reference.

In most people mind, plastic belongs to non-metal materials, we could only use co2 laser marking machine to do this work.

However this mind is not totally correct!

According to our test, fiber laser marking machine is also finish fantastic work on the plastic.

plastic laser marking samples

Fiber laser marking machine could mark most of the plastics.

Another typical case is sealed plastic industry, we have many customers from this industry.

They have purchased many fiber laser marker to finish the job!

The second choice is co2 laser marking machine, most of our customers would know about it.

co2 laser marker could mark on all non metal materials.

The third choice is mopa laser marker, which could mark with smooth logo on plastic.

For example, it could mark on the switch and ID CARD,also some electric products such as keyboard.

laser marking samples

In the end, it is UV laser marking machine,which is expensive than other 3 models laser marker.

Nearly seldom customer would consider this one expect for high requirements for the marking results.

So through this passage, u could see customers have so many choice for plastic marking.

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