The differences between MOPA and Q-switch laser marker-ivy

The differences between MOPA and Q-switch laser marker

The differences between MOPA and Q-switch laser marker:

Some customers ask about the MOPA and fiber,so show as below:

Firstly,Aluminum Oxide sheet surface stripping application

Now the more the electronic products become thinner, many mobile phones, tablets, computers are using a lightweight alumina as a product shell. Using the Q-Switch Laser to mark the conductive position on the thin aluminum plate. it is easy to cause material distortion, and the back produces the ” convex package “. Directly affect the appearance of aesthetics. The use of the MOPA laser small pulse width parameters, that is, can make the material difficult to deformation, shading also more delicate bright white.

This is because the MOPA Laser uses a small pulse width parameter to allow the laser to stay in the material for a shorter period of time.And has high enough energy to clear the anode for the thin alumina plate surface stripping anode processing, MOPA lasers are a better choice.

Secondly,Anodized Alumina application

use lasers to mark Black trademarks on the surface of anodized alumina materials, model, text and so on.the application in the last two years gradually by Apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, and other electronic manufacturers. widely used in electronic products shell, used to mark the black mark, model and so on. For this type of application, only MOPA lasers are available for processing. Because the MOPA Laser has broad pulse width and pulse frequency regulation range.It use narrow pulse width, high frequency parameters can be marked on the surface of the material black effect.And through different combinations of parameters can also be marked with different grayscale effect.

Thirdly, Electronics, semiconductors, TO precision machining Applications

in electronics, semiconductors, and ITO in the process of precision machining, it is necessary to use fine underline applications. the Q-Switch Laser cannot adjust the pulse width parameters because of its own architecture. so it is difficult to fine-tune the line. the MOPA Laser, which adjusts the pulse width and frequency parameters flexibly.It can not only make the line fine, but the edges appear smooth and not coarse.

In addition to the above several application cases, MOPA Lasers and Tuning Q-Switch Lasers also have many different application differences.

MOPA lasers can replace tuning in many applications Q-Switch Lasers. In some more high-end applications, the MOPA Laser is better than the Q-Switch Laser.

Why MOPA Technology’s lasers will be Q-Switch the application of lasers has an advantage? We will explain one by one of the parameters of the two types of lasers.

MOPA Technology Lasers and The parameter specifications of the Q-Switch technology lasers are distinguished.

Following with one marking video,you can have a check:

Some marking color samples as below:

Differences between MOPA and Q-switch

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