Differences between fiber laser cutting machine and punching machine

           Punching Machine and Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Customer Questions:(About laser cutter, punching machine, laser cutting machine)
Currently we are concerning to buy one of these machines: either laser cutter or a punch.
I have done some survey on the internet to see the differences, however I am not sure if everything is included.
If you have any knowledge about the difference would you please share them with me, as this will help me to decide.

Our Answer:(About laser cutter, punching machine, laser cutting machine)

1.You told us that you are mainly producing profiles (more than 200 types) from zinc coated steel.
So the biggest advantage of laser cutting machine is laser cutter can complete a various of complex structures.
As long as image can be drawn on the computer,the machine can finish the design easily.
So it can meet complex processing requirements.This is difficult for the punch machine to finish.
2.About the cost of two machine:
(1)At the beginning of purchasing,laser cutting machine is higher than cnc punch machine.
Because the laser source and other parts of fiber laser is much more expensive than cnc punching machine.
However in the later using process,according to our experience, punching machine mould is expensive.
Since you have more than 200 types of profiles, you will need more mould to finish kinds of design.
(2)For fiber laser cutting machine,no need to open the mold, no need to repair the mold.
The figure will be made on the computer, the product can be cut out immediately, that can quickly develop new products.
This will save you more time to do more work.
3.If you use punching machine to cut the whole plate,the result is not very good,and you need to polish again.
But the cutting surface of fiber laser machine is very smooth,no need to process again.
In order to let you know more about fiber laser cutting machine and cnc punching machine,
I spend sometime listing a table for you to check, hope it is helpful for your decisioon.
Machinery Name  Cost of Machine Maintenance of Machine Capacity of machine
Punching Machine about $50000~60000 cost about $2000 per year
as well as the cost of mould
Difficult to finish complete design
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine about $70000 cost about $500 per year Can cut all kinds of shapes,no need of mould

As a purchaser, besides the quality and capacity of machine is the most important factor to consider,

we think the cost of purchasing and machine maintenance is also very important,so I list here for your reference.

If you have other questions about machine can feel free to ask me anytime.Hope my information is helpful for you in some way.