What is difference between Raycus laser, Q-switched laser source and MOPA laser-Ivy

What is difference between Raycus laser, Q-switched laser and MOPA laser
Some customer have confusion of Fiber and  MOPA laser, so today i write this blog to make everything clearly. Following is the difference between Raycus laser,Q-switched laser and Mopa laser.

First, MOPA laser wavelength also is 1064nm, it is belong to fiber laser, so it is just one series of fiber laser. Fiber laser has 2 types: pulse width fixed, we called it Q-switched laser source; pulse width can be adjusted, we called it MOPA laser.

Whatever Raycus laser, IPG laser even Max laser, they all have MOPA series, e.g. we can say Raycus brand MOPA series, IPG brand MOPA series. But it seems in China market when we ask Raycus/IPG laser, buyer and seller all view it as Q-switched laser source. There are 2 reasons:

1. Price matter.

IPG brand MOPA laser source is quite expensive, less people choose it. Raycus brand MOPA series also is expensive, besides Raycus mainly sell Q-switched laser source. We talked this topic before, we have to admit every company has their featured product.

2. Popularity.

IPG/Raycus/Max laser source Q-switched type are quite common in the market. While MOPA laser sell less compare with Q-switched laser source.

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