Difference of the laser source for fiber laser marker-Angelina

Difference of the laser source for fiber laser marker

For the fiber laser marker, there are many options for laser source.

For example, the Raycus, IPG,Nlight and max etc….

For some customers who do not have much understanding to the fiber laser marking machine.

They may feel confused when they first buying the fiber laser marker.

In this situation, this passage may provide u some knowledge for the fiber laser marking machine.

Hope it could help u choose a suitable machine.

mini enclosed fiber laser marker

1.The comparison for different laser source with fiber laser marker

For most of the customers, what they are familiar with is the IPG laser source.

IPG is the best brand in Germany,high quality and stability.

Some European and Indian customers would prefer this type laser source.

But for those laser source, though its quality is high, the price is also expensive.

For some customers who do not have big budget for the machine, the IPG would not be a better choice for them.

Nowadays, more and more customers are familiar with the Raycus laser source.

Raycus laser source if the best brand in China, most of our customers would choose it.

Comparing with the IPG laser source, the raycus of the fiber laser marker is also high quality.

However its price would be much cheaper than the IPG.

Therefore, more customers ask for the raycus laser source and the using situation is good ,too.

2.Other laser source for fiber laser marker

Besides the above two laser source , the max laser source is also another brand we often heard.

There are still some suppliers who provide the max laser source.

However, our company has abandoned this type laser source.

That is cause this laser source is not stable according to the customer feedback.

In comparison with the raycus and IPG, this type laser source is the last choice the customer select.

It’s price would be also lower than the Raycus.