What is the difference between a MOPA laser machine and a Fiber laser?-Bunny

A frequent question from our customers, they wonder what is the main difference between these two technologies. Is it just color engraving on some materials? Why is the MOPA laser more expensive? What materials can these technologies record? This and other questions will finally get an answer in this blog about MOPA and Fiber Optic Laser.

Internally they are different

Even if these two machines with the naked eye look very similar or equal, inside, they work differently. Fiber laser machines use a technology called Q-Switched that allows the power source to generate a frequency between 1 and 500 kHz.

On the other hand, the Master Oscillator Power Amplifier that is known as MOPA works differently with its power source. This allows the machine to have a pulse frequency with more amplitude than the fiber, from 1 to 2700 kHz. This allows the MOPA laser to have different engraving results on some plastic and metal materials compared to the engraving results of the Q-Switched technology or fiber optic laser.

What materials can these machines engrave?

MOPA laser

This machine can record on:

Gold,Aluminum,Stainless steel (with multiple colors),Platinum,Silver,Titanium,Brass,Tungsten,Carbide,Nickel,Carbon steel,Chrome,Copper,Iron and other metals,ABS plastic (low melt burn rate),PC plastic (low melt burn rate),Plastic PLA,Silicon plastic,Plastic PBT and others

Laser fiber or Q-Switched

This machine can record on:

Gold,Aluminum,Stainless steel (white and dark colors only),Platinum,Silver,Titanium,Brass,Tungsten,Carbide,Nickel,Carbon steel,Chrome,Copper,Iron and other metals,ABS plastic (high melt burn rate),PC plastic (high melt burn rate),Plastic PLA,Silicon plastic,Plastic PBT and others. This machine can record different plastics, but in some of them you will feel the engraving with the touch of our fingers.

Even being a technology that is not new. This type of MOPA technology is far from the high engraving speed that the fiber laser can reach. The color engraving with the MOPA laser is not really fast. And this is something you should expect if you are looking to burn thousands of metal pieces a day with colorful logos. The truth is that color engraving is not fast. And can be slow depending on the design you choose and how many colors you want to engrave.

On the other hand, fiber laser machines or Q-Switched have a better engraving speed and although they cannot engrave colors. If you want to engrave metals without colors, this technology can record at high speeds.


Both machines can do similar jobs, however, if you are looking for a better finish in plastic materials. And have the possibility of engraving different colors in stainless steel, or titanium, you can think about the solution that the MOPA laser can offer. On the other hand, if you are only looking to burn metals at high speed. And do not need to engrave colors on metals, you can choose an optical fiber laser. These machines may look the same, but they are different not only in the effect of work and technology, they are also very different in price, MOPA laser technology also tends to be much more expensive than normal fiber optic lasers or Q- Switched For more information contact us.