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Difference between laser marking machine and pneumatic marking machine

Laser marking machine has been widely used in our life.However, not only the laser marking machine can do marking, the pneumatic marking machine also can do this work.So what’s the difference between laser marking machine and pneumatic making machine.

  1. Different principles

The principles for laser marking machine is use the laser beam with high energy density under the control of computer to irradiate on the surface of the products,so that the product surface will melt or vaporize instantly, thus leaving the pattern we need on the product surface.

Jewelry laser cutting machine using tips

The principles of the pneumatic marking machine is to input the contents into the computer first,and then the computer transforms it into a digital signal and transmits it to the controller.Then,under the action of compressed air, the marking needle makes a high-frequency micro impact movement to impact the surface of the product,leaving a concave trace on the surface of the product.

  1. Different scope of application

Laser marking machine can be apply to metal and non-metal. At present, it mainly used in some occasions with more fine requirements and higher precision.

Pneumatic marking machine are mostly use for metal, and a few are use for non-metal(it must be non-metal with high hardness).

In addition to the differences between the above two points, there is a certain gap in the price;the price of laser marking machine is much higher than pneumatic marking machine.You can choose according to your requirements.

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