The difference between laser cutting machine and water jet cutting machine–Clara

If you are in metal process industry or have some business related with metal process. You must know the main machines adopted. Water jet cutting machine and laser cutting machine are two major cutting equipments.

The main difference between the waterjet cutting machine and the fiber laser cutting machine is the versatility of the first. The water jet cutting machine can cut everything, any type of material, organic or inorganic: from stone or titanium to textile, plastic or food, through glass and aluminum, in thicknesses up to 200 mm. In contrast, laser cutting is mainly for metal alloys such as steel, aluminum, copper etc. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine is suited for a range of finer thicknesses. The thickness will be from 0.5 mm to 25 millimeters.

Committed to both technologies, water jet cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines are able to approached different markets.

Water jet cutting machine

Water jet cutting is used to cut materials. With using a jet of pressurized water as high 80000 kg/ m2.

The machine is called water jet cutting machine, so the key point is water flow. In practice, the usage of high-speed water flow will be different based on the materials. For pure water cutting, it is the cutting tool. In the abrasive water cutting, high-pressure water is to accelerate the abrasive particles, and the cutting action is abrasive water jet sand.

Often, with an abrasive, the water flow enables to cut more materials. And the cutting results will be cleanly to close tolerances, squarely and with a good edge. Water jet cutting machines are able to cut many industrial metal materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon steel, and even non-metal ceramics, granite, and armor plate. This process generates significant noise.

What’s more, based on our clients, its efficiency is very low. When you are going to cut thick metal plate, the per hour cost will much higher than the per hour profit.

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