What Is The Difference Between Laser Cutting Machine And Plasma Cutting Machine?-Anne

What is the difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine?

Many customers who have just touched the laser cutting machine when consulting laser cutting equipment,

a laser cutting that is part of the thermal processing and plasma cutting machine that is the same.

May be in the early stage of the purchase of equipment, these two devices are not familiar with,

do not know what kind of processing equipment to buy confused.

Therefore, We make these two cutting equipment to do a comparison,

so that we better understand these two devices.

Plasma cutting machine is a thermal cutting equipment, the main working principle is compressed air as the main body to high temperature and high speed plasma arc as heat source,

will melt cut metal partial, and at the same time with high-speed air flow will melt metal blowing, Forming a narrow slit.

Plasma cutting machine can cut stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, and cutting speed, slit narrow, incision smooth.

Plasma cutting machines are generally used in the construction, installation and maintenance of mechanical and metal structures.

Laser cutting machine is the use of high-power high-density laser beam scanning material surface,

in a very short period of time can  heat to thousands of things or even tens of thousands of degrees Celsius,

the material can melt or vaporize, and then high-pressure gas will melt or blown away other substances are  from the slits.

Laser cutting using the invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife,

laser cutting speed, smooth incision, generally do not need post-processing, cutting heat less affected, small deformation plate.

Comparison of the two cutting equipment processing principles, summed up the differences in processing performance in the following areas:

1.Cutting the thickness of the difference, the plasma cutting ability is very strong, able to cut relatively thick metal sheet,
but the accuracy is not high, the speed is not fast,
but also scraping slag, the basic must be secondary processing.
Laser cutting machine only for sheet metal processing, fast, and the accuracy can reach over 0.01mm,
no scraping slag, are basically a molding, no secondary treatment,
but with the laser power is constantly increasing , the current high-power laser Cutting machine can also qualify for the processing of metal plate.
2.The difference in cutting costs, laser cutting equipment, the price is higher than the plasma equipment,
but in the latter part of the processing costs, as well as the cost of recovery than the plasma has an advantage.

Through the above comparison:

I hope everyone on the laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine have a more profound understanding,

hoping to those who have questions on the choice of equipment friends have some help.