Difference between Inkjet printer technology and fiber laser marking technology-June

  Inkjet printer technology and fiber laser marking technology

Inkjet printer technology and fiber laser marking technology.

Currently the mainstream  in  inkjet printers using imaging technology has two kinds, one is based on Epson brand micro-piezoelectric technology; one is Hewlett-Packard, Canon brand-based thermal foaming technology

Micro piezoelectric technology works

Micro-piezoelectric inkjet technology belongs to the normal temperature and pressure printing technology, which is a number of tiny piezoelectric ceramic placed near the nozzle of the print head, the piezoelectric ceramic has a bending deformation under the voltage changes at both ends of the characteristics, when the image information voltage plus To the piezoelectric ceramic, the piezoelectric ceramic stretching vibration deformation will change with the change of the image information voltage, and ink in the ink head at room temperature and pressure stable state, uniformly and accurately eject ink.


Adopting the thermal foaming technique, the ink head works in the environment of high temperature and high pressure for a long time. In addition to the serious corrosion of the nozzle, it is easy to cause droplet splashing and nozzle clogging at the same time.

Thermal foaming technology works

Thermal technology is through the heating nozzle, the ink bubbles, sprayed onto the print media, are high temperature and high pressure printing technology. Its working principle is: the use of thin film resistors, in the ink jet zone will be less than 5 picoliter ink instant heating above 300 ℃, the formation of numerous tiny bubbles, bubbles at very fast speed (less than 10 microseconds) into large Bubbles and expand, forcing ink droplets from the nozzle. Bubbles continue to grow a few microseconds, they disappeared back to the resistor. Bubbles disappear, the nozzle ink will retracted.

Then the surface tension will produce suction, pull the new ink added to the ink jetting area ready for the next cycle of printing.

\Since the ink near the nozzle portion  continuously heated and cooled, the accumulated temperature will continuously raised (up to 30-50 ° C).

The  ink in the upper portion of the ink cartridge needs to  circulated and cooled.

However, in the long time printing, the ink in the entire ink cartridge remains 40-50 ℃ or so.

Because thermal bubble jet printing performed in higher temperatures, the ink jet must  designed for low viscosity (less than about 1.5 mPa.s) high tension (greater than about 40 mN / m) to ensure continuous high speed printing for a long period of time .


The biggest disadvantage of micro piezoelectric inkjet technology is that it is still more difficult to focus most nozzles on one printhead, so printing speed will be slower.

Second  is when the printer head clogged, you need to waste a lot of ink cleaning head.

Each time you replace the ink, the first waste of ink to do 30% ink head cleaning, each boot requires 2 to 3 minutes of cleaning, but also to waste some ink. Gas device requires users to replace the cartridge, the remaining 17% to 25% of the ink.

Fiber laser marking technology

The principle of laser m marking machine

1.The processing speed, its processing speed is 2-3 times the traditional laser marking machine.

2. The excellent beam quality,  fiber laser marking machine beam quality than the traditional solid-state laser marking machine

The spot diameter of 10um, the divergence angle of the semiconductor pump laser 1 / 4. Particularly suitable for precision, fine
Fine marking.

3.The use of low cost, electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 30%,

The whole power consumption of less than 500 W

greatly saving energy costs.


4.Less power consumption, a new gene ration of products 10-20 times lower than traditional products.

5.Long life, the use of laser diodes as the pump source, the average working time up to 100,000 hours.

6. Maintenance-free operation Laser without any maintenance, do not adjust or clean the lens.

7.High definition resolution, is more than 10 times the traditional products.


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