The difference between fiber laser cutter machine and plasma cutter+Karina

                                                                              The difference between fiber laser cutter and plasma cutter

What are the differences between fiber laser cutter and plasma cutter?The steel production unit processes a large amount of metal materials every day. Among them, the cutting operation is one of the most common processing methods. When cutting metal materials, professional equipment is using generally. Which ensures that the material cutting effect conforms to the production and processing. Requirements can also make the cutting operation more precise and reasonable. Nowadays, there are many types of cutting machines.

Fiber laser cutting machines are one of them. In the past, when cutting metal materials, they are all process according ion cutting technology, so people don’t know much about laser cutting technology.

The difference

When the metal cut into a certain proportion ion cutting technology, the cutting purpose is mainly achieve according hot melting. The principle of the cutting technology is simple and easy to understand, and only when the temperature of the metal material is raise to the melting point.

At this time, cutting machine can cut the metal material. Although there are some similarities between fiber laser cutting machines and ion cutting technology, laser cutting technology is more efficient.

When the material is cut by the fiber laser cutting machine, the operation time can be shortened effectively, and the processing by the laser cutting technology can be more precise, and the processing effect of the material is more ideal. When cutting, it will not produce a large slit, and will not affect the aesthetics of the metal material. Therefore, it is more in line with modern production and processing requirements than the cutting technology such as ion.

                                                                                                                     To sum up

Nowadays, the application range of the laser cutting machine has been greatly improved. People can usually use the cutting machine to cut the carbon steel, plastic and glass materials, so the application of laser cutting equipment will be more extensive.