Development of 12kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Serena

In recent years, the 12kw fiber laser cutting machine more and more popular in metal processing business. With the rapid development of China’s high-speed railway, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, aerospace and other fields and the continuous breakthrough of laser cutting technology, the requirements of high power, large format, high-speed cutting, ultra thick plate cutting, bright surface cutting and high verticality have gradually become the development direction of 12000w fiber laser cutting machine.

With the upgrading of the laser industry, laser cutting technology has been adopted by more and more manufacturing industries and enterprises, especially 10kw+ fiber laser equipment, with its excellent performance,it has gradually become the star of the market and the first choice of the majority of metal processing enterprises. From demand to demand, market demand is the guide for enterprises to engage in market promotion.Chinese laser enterprises are constantly innovating and creating, maintaining closer communication with customers, taking customer demand as the direction of product technology breakthrough, improving and shaping better customer experience.

The advantages of higher production efficiency, lower production cost and green environmental protection will accelerate the pace of 10kw+ fiber laser cutting equipment to replace the traditional cutting equipment represented by plasma cutting.