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Main parts of desktop fiber laser marking machine

Some of our clients love to buy the desktop laser marking machine.Because it has wheels at the bottom so it is easy to move.In this article, we will introduce the main parts of desktop fiber laser marking machine.

1.Fiber laser source

It is the most import part in the machine.Cause it provides laser for the machine.In theory, it has about 100,000 hours life.It is no problem to use 5-10 years.We use Raycus and IPG brand laser source.

2.Laser scanner

It can control the  beam deflection on a flat surface and it is the necessary  part of the machine.Our common brand is Sino brand.

3.F-theta lens

The function of the lens is to focus. And it is also an important part of the machine.Its working area is not fixed,and they are usually be 110*110mm,200*200mm and 300*300mm. Our commonly used brand is wavelength in Singapore.

The scan area is bigger,then the focus length is longer,so the light is weaker.

4.lifting pillar

The lifting pillar is also an important part of the machine,but it is not necessary for all types machine. We can adjust it to change the focus length,so it is used in many types of machines.

Our common size is 50cm or 80cm high.

5.control system board and marking software

We use the original type Ezcad software with BJJCZ brand.It can control the machine how to mark.

6.2D working table

We can adjust the X and Y axis to move the working table.So it is easy for us to mark on small things, and it can help us mark more accurately.


We use the industrial computer with win 10 system.

8.The power supply

It can supply power to laser source, laser scanner and control board.Our machine can support 110v or 220v. So you can use the machine directly after receiving it.

9.Universal wheels

It can help you move the machine quickly and conveniently.

If you have any other questions,pls let me know.


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