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 fiber laser marking machine for deep engraving on metals

Now 50w fiber laser marking machine is very popular in market, for its high marking speed, deep engraving on metals, silver/sold engraving cutting in jewelry field.

More and more customers come to us for deep engraving on metals.

Here the quotations they asked may be help for you:

How depth can 50w do deep engraving  on metals?

Usually customer chose 50w fiber laser marking machine for 0.4mm to 0.6mm thickness engraving,

mostly on stainless steel, carbon steel, cooper and brass.

fiber laser marking machine
fiber laser marking machine

 Is an engraver like this also capable of cutting “some” types of metals?

50W fiber laser marking machine can both do deep engraving and gold/silver/brass cutting,

but only very thin metals, as you know the main function of this machine is engaving marking.
Here show you a video we made for our Sweden customer, who also purchased the

50w fiber laser marking machine from us:

So 50w fiber laser marking machine can do good job on metal deep engraving and thin metal cutting.

For more details will continue share with you.

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