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How to Deal with Reflective Metals with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to deal with reflective metals with fiber laser cutting machine?

Over the past decade, fiber lasers have revolutionized industrial materials processing because of their unique combination of performance, reliability, and cost advantages.

Fiber laser sources have displaced many traditional metal cutting methods in existing applications.

And they have made possible new applications .

One of the outstanding applications is that fiber laser cutting machine is capable of processing reflective metals with favorable results.

What are reflective metals?

“Highly reflective metal” is a common word that almost all metal processing practitioners know.

But what it means in essence?

To figure out what is reflective metals, firstly it is important to know the constituents of metals.

Take Aluminum and Silver as examples, they are highly reflective and can reflects 95% visible light.

Laser cut and marked aluminum and silver products are popular in windows, jewelry, solar mirrors, decorative materials.

Other reflective metals like gold, bronze, copper and brass are also hard to laser cut using fiber lasers.

We process all these reflective metals  by fiber laser sources.

How to cut reflective metals?

Laser processing on reflective metals needs special fiber laser sources.

As the reflected beam will damage the laser machines, nLIGHT fiber laser source is adopted by fiber laser cutting machine to cut reflective metals.

Fiber lasers are the most modern, swift and cost effective way to cut thin reflective metal sheets.

As these lasers do not use mirrors and delicate lenses, the reflection from metals like copper, aluminum and brass do not damage the cutting equipment.

So Fiber laser technology is the best way to cut reflective metals.

Now that you know how to deal with reflective metals, you can take up this task with ease.

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