How to deal with the laser cutting machine‘s head touch plate – Angelina

How to deal with the laser cutting machine‘s head touch plate

In the process of using the fiber laser cutting machine, the laser cutting head is unstable, and the collision plate or the following distance is not correct.

Generally, it is cause replacing the cutting nozzle, the cutting nozzle is overheated, and the parameters are not correct.

In either case, the result is that the capacitance of the moving head changes, which affects the stability of the laser cutting head.

The laser cutting machine head is unstable, the capacitance value is re-measured, and we could save the parameters.

Summarize the following points of experience.
At first, The laser cutting head is normal after hitting the board.

This kind of situation is generally a parameter problem.

The upper and lower limits of the laser cutting head can reduce in proportion, and the laser cutting head will follow normally.

Secondly,The laser cutting head follows the distance too high.

Open the follower head debugging software, observe whether we set the following distance correctly.

Adjust the upper and lower limit values ​​of the cutting head, increase the same proportion, and test the appropriate value.

At last,during the cutting process, the laser cutting head suddenly rises automatically.

When this happens, stop the laser operation and observe whether the copper nozzle of the follower head is hot.

If the heat is indicating, the laser light path is not correct, causing the copper nozzle to overheat and the capacitance value to change.

By adjusting the light path, we can solve the problem .