Daily maintenance of metal laser engraving machine-Jennifer

After buying the fiber laser marking machine, many buyers are interested in the maintenance of metal laser engraving machine. So today, we are going to talk about the metal laser engraving machine, just for your reference.

How to maintain the metal laser engraving machine

Firstly, when the machine does not work, we should cut off the power of this metal laser engraving machine & laptop.

Secondly, when the machine donot wor, we should protect the scanner head well. Donot check the machine, when the machine is opening. Getting rid of electrical shock.

Thirdly, protecting the scanner head well. Get rid of lens contamination.

Fourth, cutting off the power instantly, if any problem happened.

Fifth,  when long time using this metal laser engraving machine, then the dust in the air will be sucked under the focus lens. One the one hand, it will lower down the laser source’s power, and affect the marking effects. One the other hand, the lens will stop working. When the marking effects are not good, we should check whether the lens is okay or not.

Sixth, if the surface of focus lens is contaminated, you should dismantle the part, then check again.

Seventh, during the dismantling work, we should pay more attention on it. Pay attention to get it broken. Meanwhile, donot touch the focus lens surface by hand and other part.

Eighth, during the fiber laser marking process, donot move the machine, or it will affect the machine.

Nineth, donot put other machine on the metal laser engraving machine or it will affect the Heat dissipation effect finally.

Hoping my above explanation can work for the metal laser engraving machine in the metal materials cutting process. Any question about the usage of metal laser cuttning machine, free to let me know. Jennifer is always online for trouble-shooting.


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