Cypcut layers fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Cypcut layers fiber laser cutting machine

Cypcut layers fiber laser cutting machine.

There is one customer want to know about the different layers in the Cypcut software,hope it will also help you to know the machine.

1.As you show, there are 3 size holes, so we should set 3 different speed, am I right? Because if you use the highest speed for small holes, it effect the quality, am I right?

Imagine we have 3 different size and related to speeds 1000mm/min 2000mm/min and 3000 mm/min, what will happen if I use 3000mm/min for all of holes? Does it damage the smallest hole? If you want to use only one speed , which speed is proper for all holes?

In European machines, I know we use 3 different speed because this way we have the highest efficiency, but with cypcut it takes a lot of time to select each geometry to apply the layer.

Yes,you are right,you just need to set different parameters in different layers,speed,power,height,etc…
And for parameters, it also need depends on the material and thickness.
Engineers said if you just need to cut different sizes circle,then any speed you use,is no problem,will not affect the circle quality.
Why use the different layers?
Engineers said when you want to cut circle, square, pentagram in one sheet,the square corner or the pentagram corner is easy to burned,need some special parameters,then we can use the different layers

2.Please ask your engineers, if we have only circles and  we use the same speed , is it the Maximum speed? Because on small holes it may effect the Quality.
3.And is it depends on the laser power? I mean in 2kw machine speed and power is a lot for a small hole, how do you control it?
Yes.Of course.
You use 2000w to cut 1mm stainless steel,and use 500w to cut 1mm stainless steel,the speed is different.
The power decide the speed.
And we need to know the machine has the accelerate speed,even we set the cutting speed is 2000m/min,but when the circle is really small,the speed from 0 to 2000m/min, it need time.
when we cut the small holes, it can not reach the fastest speed.
4.And about square corners, how do you set, can you show me?
It also depends on cutting files,thickness,materials,powers.
It is better to show you and teach you when you come to our factory.
5.And can cypcut use power ramping? When reach to corner, automatically changing the power?
Yes, in the cypcut, it has the power curve,it will change the power automatically.
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