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What is the cutting thickness of high power fiber laser cutting machine

Nowadays,fiber laser cutting machine develops quickly.High power fiber laser cutting machine tech improves a lot.Big power cutting machine can cut max 36mm carbon steel. max 25 mm stainless steel.

But in order to guarantee the processing efficiency.We suggest cs cutting thickness lower than 25mm.SS lower than 16mm.

Thus we can have a best cutting speed and cutting precision.

Max cutting thickness

For big power fiber laser cutting machine,its max cutting thickness in industry application:

Carbon steel and Stainless steel

For cs,it is 36mm.(steel quality should be good,the cutting speed can be about 650mm/min ).

If 36mm steel metal quality is good and machine is well.The cutting draw is not complicated.The cutting quality will be very well.
For ss,it is 25mm. (use high pressure  as Auxiliary gas,the speed is slower.About 400mm/min)

1000w cutting machine

However,for carbon steel less than 10mm thickness,we can choose 1000w or lower power machine.

Cause the cutting width is very small.The width is  from 0.1 to 0.5mm.

The cutting precision is very high,lower than 0.05mm.

And the distance between the center of the hole is between 0.1 and 0.4 mm.

The contour size error is also between 0.1 and 0.5 mm.

Cutting section is Smooth.

The roughness of the slit is less than 25μm.After the work piece is cut, we can  directly weld it without further processing.

The advantage of high power laser  cutting machine

Generally speaking, We recommend a high-power laser cutting machine. Such as carbon steel sheets within 12 mm or stainless steel sheets within 10 mm.

High-power laser cutting machine has no cutting force, no distortion in processing.

no tool wearing, good material adaptability.

whether it is simple or complex parts, laser can be used for precision precision rapid cutting.

its slit is narrow, cutting quality is good, automation degree high, easy to operate, low labor intensity, no pollution.

automatic cutting and nesting can be realized, material utilization rate is improved, production cost is low, and economic benefit is good.
The above is the introduction of the cutting thickness of high-power laser cutting machine brought by Jill xt laser today. Everyone must pay attention to adopting the correct way when using it to ensure the efficiency of high-power laser cutting machine.


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