The cutting speed and cutting effect:Charry

The cutting speed and cutting effect

The cutting speed and cutting effect.

The cutting speed and cutting effect
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The choice of cutting speed for CNC laser cutting machine is also very important. The optimal cutting speed range can be selected according to the equipment description or determined by experiment. Due to the thickness and material of the material, the material has different melting point and thermal conductivity. The cutting speed and other factors change as the surface tension after melting.

Main performance.

1. Moderately improving the cutting speed can improve the quality of the incision, that is, the slit is slightly narrowed, the surface of the incision is flatter, and the deformation can be reduced.

2. The cutting speed is too fast, so that the cutting line energy is lower than the required amount. The jet in the slit cannot quickly blow off the melted cutting melt to form a large rear drag, accompanied by the slit slag, the slit The surface quality is degraded.

3. When the cutting speed is too low, since the cutting point is the anode of the plasma arc, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself, the anode spot or the anode region must find a place of conduction current near the slit near the arc, and at the same time, it will flow toward the jet. More heat is transferred radially, so that the slit is widened, and the molten material on both sides of the slit gathers and solidifies at the bottom edge, forming a dross that is difficult to clean, and the upper edge of the slit is rounded due to excessive melting by heating.

4. When the speed is extremely low, the arc will even be extinguished because the slit is too wide. It can be seen that good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.

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