The Primary Products of XT (V Laser Cutting Machine)—Tony

The Primary Products of XT (V Laser Cutting)

Laser Cutting Machine

Following by last chapter, we talked about Laser Cutting Machine. For this chapter, we will keep going.

Laser Cutting Machines Principle

The principle of fiber laser cutting machine is similar with other stuff. The laser will focus on the materials surface. The beam will release the energy. Achieve cutting purpose by evaporation. The movement of laser cutting machine head is by motor drive to cutting. It doesn’t seem like laser marking machine. The movement of laser is a kind of mechanical motion, instead of reflection by lens. The movement of X axis,Y axis and Z axis drive by servo motor. More important is the guide rail and gear rack have to select very accurate products. Only in this way, the machine could minimize the error.

Laser Cutting Machine Model Selection

For model selection, There are three types based model from XT Laser. They are Model S, Model H, and Model W. Those are open type. We use the most economical components. This model was designed for ADs industry. In general, the companies from ADs industry are also looking for laser marking machine or laser engraving machine. Model H and Model W will provide to metal sheet industry. Model W ‘s configuration will better than Model H, this the reason cause Model W’s price higher than Model H.

And for Model H and Model W, both of them could add exchange table and enclosed cover on them. It will reach to the some place’s efficiency requirement and safety standard. Also both of them could add tube cutter on it. Then it will realize one cutting head could work on sheet and tube. Of course, we have the laser cutting machine for tube only. It has ability to cut rectangle and circle tube.


In the end, there are lots of factor could influence the machine’s performance. The parts are also important. We will talk the parts detail next chapter.