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Cutting Aluminium with 3KW Fiber Laser

Aluminum is a versatile metal used in many industrial applications because of its impressive strength and light weight.

The transportation industry (such as the aerospace and automotive industries) uses it to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The electronics industry also uses aluminum as an outer casing and battery casing because it is durable and easy to process.

The aluminum plate was cut using a 3 kW laser.

Tests using nitrogen and compressed air assisted gases have found that nitrogen provides a slightly slower cutting speed but better edge quality, while compressed air assisted gas produces faster cutting speeds and slightly whiter trim.

In both cases there is a slight dross but it is easy to remove.

For a 10 mm class 1 mm aluminum plate, a 15 bar compressed air assist gas can be used to achieve a production level cutting speed of 45 m / min (ie, process tolerance with certain parameters).

Using a 4 mm sheet, the horizontal cutting speed was 2.0 m/min, and at a thickness of 6 mm, the cutting speed was 1.0 m/min.

Maintain high quality cuts for each thickness by adjusting nozzle diameter, assist gas pressure, cutting speed and focus position. Both require a nitrogen assist gas.



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