Customers feedback fiber laser cutter: Charry

Customers feedback fiber laser cutter

Customers feedback fiber laser cutter

Actually,we XTLASER has been 14 years experiences in the field of laser machine.

We start from the laser machine,and always on fiber laser machine.

We know there are many suppliers have been into the fiber laser machine market.Cause they know the laser machine is a large market,they also want to occupy and chase more profit.

But for you,need to know that,there are many suppliers were in the field of CO2 laser machine,CNC machine.

Thats really different from the fiber laser cutting machine.

As a professional fiber laser cutter manufacturer,we have many great customers feedback:

Customers feedback fiber laser cutter





Customers feedback fiber laser cutter






And today,one of our Indian customer had a visiting of our factory,he paid cash for a fiber laser cutting machine:

Customers feedback fiber laser cutter







Our machine quality is not from our word,its made from our customers words.

We are proud of our machine quality,we are ready to have a cooperation with you,so how about you?

Following with one cutting video:

If you want to have a fiber laser cutting machine,we would like to help you.

And you need to tell us your cutting requirements,like material,thickness.

Different laser power can cut different thickness,sharing the cutting ability with you:

Maximum cutting limit: stainless steel carbon steel Aluminum Brass
500w 3mm 6mm 1mm 1mm
750w 4mm 10mm 2mm 2mm
1000w 5mm 10mm 3mm 2.5mm
1500w 6mm 16mm 4mm 3mm
2000w 8mm 20mm 5mm 4mm
3000w 10mm 22mm 6mm 5mm

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