Why more customer choose fiber laser marker-Angelina

Why more customer choose fiber laser marker


In recent days, more and more suppliers sold the fiber laser marker.

Besides, more and more customers abandon the YAG laser marking machine.

Most of them would like to choose the fiber laser marking machine.

In the end,various laser designs have entered into material processing applications.

However, fiber lasers are transforming these applications using a mixture of advantages.

Such as improved system flexibility, enhanced optical performance, elevated component yield.

Common to a number of marking applications, fiber lasers don’t show the inadequacies in spot size output usually seen with other laser designs.

The spot size continues to stay small, consistent and predictable throughout all the power levels and pulse sequences for the life-time of the laser.

fiber laser markier

1.The reasons why customer choose the fiber laser marker

First of all,Precision Cutting, Flexibility, Power Modulation and Dependable Operations.

You can’t forget about the efficiency.

How the focused beam can consistently treat an extremely small, localized area of the material.

While only creating small amounts of heat in the adjacent area.

What’s more,this allows for superior precision cutting, marking and welding .

Secondly,Cost-Effective Benefits of a fiber laser marker.

The stable and enhanced marking performance of fiber laser marking machines helps to reduce the costs.

Besides,longer up-times, and enhanced production quality due to less scrap.

As well, they’re very physically strong, making them ideal for even the most demanding industrial environment.

fiber laser marker

Benefits to End Users

In fact,all these elements mean a maintenance-free architecture for manufacturers.

They want to cut their development, servicing, and production costs.

Along with the extra benefit of the ability to give their end users a more flexible, high quality product.

The best part is that end users can focus on their business rather than try to become an expert in laser maintenance.

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