Laser Marker Marking on Copper-Sophia

Laser Marker Marking on Copper

Copper is a material that is difficult to mark.

However, selected colors can mark on multi-waveform processing, with very high contrast.

Manufacturers are very interested in this process, looking for new methods and surface treatments to provide customizing products.

The challenge of processing copper is the high reflective material.

Therefore, to ensure that sufficient radiation requiring high peak power.

Process the material attracts high peak power .

Applying a multi-waveform process, the first time creates a foundation for the second pass by using high peak power and pulse energy.

Then, the second pass uses various pulse durations, scan speeds and pulse repetition frequencies to produce a series of markers in the surface treatment.

The flexibility of the laser allows the pulse duration and changing frequency during operation.

After the first pass, the second pass can make immediately .

The scanning speed of this process is very high, so the total processing time is very short, and all the time to render the text is about 8 seconds.

However, this speed depends on the shadow of the desired mark.



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