Continuous rotary fiber laser engraving :Charry

Continuous rotary fiber laser engraving

Continuous rotary fiber laser engraving

Firstly,there are 2 different scanning technologies used for ring engraving:

1. Handshaking method – One segment at a time – The laser machine will engrave part on the graphics while the rotary stays on one place, when it is done it will rotate the ring on a new angle and engrave the second portion and so on… Usually the laser beam goes LEFT-RIGHT. This is what you have shown on your videos. It is good for engraving text but NOT for continuous graphics around the circumference of the ring.
2. Continuous engraving – The laser will engrave while the rotary is rotating the ring. The laser beam will go UP-DOWN.

For most customers,when they need rings engraving,they just need marking simple letters or patterns.

​Like the following videos,that is the ​Handshaking method​ engraving.There is just one control board in the cabinet,can not finish the continuous engraving.
Inside rings marking
Outside rings marking
But if you need continuous engraving,like the following video:

​Then i tell you we also can made it.​​​I​t need to plus one control board from JCZ to control the rotary motor.So that means in the control cabinet,there will be two board, its no problem.
For samlight,yes,of course,we also can set this brand to you,its original version.But as you said,its higher price,only the control board and software,the cost is USD 6500.
For JCZ control board,we had a rich experience with it,we believed that we can help you to operate it faster,for Samlight,i am direct girl,for 14 years ,we just sold no more than 5 sets,not too much experience for it.
Finally,if you need more details,just contact us: