consumption of gases (nitrogen, oxygen) in liters/hour -ivy

consumption of gases (nitrogen, oxygen) in liters/hour

As we all know,when using fiber laser cutting machine,need gas to help cut,so how about the consumption of gases (nitrogen, oxygen) in liters/hour ? and which kind of gas is better for different material?

Here sharing with you this message:

When cutting Carbon steel, auxiliary gas is only O2.

When cutting Stainless steel, auxiliary gas can be N2 or O2 .

If using O2, cutting edge will be oxydized and not smooth and show black color.

If using N2, cutting effect is very good, very smooth.

consumption of gases (nitrogen, oxygen) in liters/hour depending on the thickness of the cut metal.

NOTE: For example. In China, one bottle of Liquid Oxygen is 50$/bottle,

Standard oxygen or nitrogen gas bottle is 40L/bottle 

1mm Carbon steel  40L/40minutes

2mm Carbon steel 40L/50minutes

3mm Carbon steel 40L/60minutes

4mm Carbon steel 40L/70minutes

5mm Carbon steel 40L/80minutes

6mm Carbon steel 40L/90minutes

For carbon steel, The thicker metal you cut, the less Oxygen pressure you need, because if use higher Oxygen pressure for thicker metal sheet, it will be burned.

0.5-0.8mm  stainless steel 40L/30minutes

1mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes

2mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes

Generally speaking, the thicker metal sheet, the higher Nitrogen pressure it needs.

For example, if cut 1mm ss, use 10kg Nitrogen. If cut 4mm ss, need 20kg Nitrogen.

But in order to keep high cutting speed for thin metal sheet , such as 1mm.

So we suggest client to adjust same pressure, all of them are 20kg, in this way, it can not only make sure of high speed of cutting thin metal sheet, also it can make sure of cutting thick metal sheet.