What should be considered when purchasing a laser cutting machine-Chris

What should be considered when purchasing a laser cutting machine

Factors of evaluating the laser machine

The factors of evaluating the laser machine vary enormously. In order to be able to evaluate the best machine, one must first understand the intended application. Then define not only its requirements, but also its limits. One should also consider potential new objectives on the horizon and other options. After all, the purchase of a laser cutting system represents a major investment. The decision concerns not just the machine itself. The purchase has an impact on the entire manufacturing process. And it covers everything from manpower, service and maintenance, consumables.

Also, there are other factors: The fiber laser allows companies to increase the speed of a single process step. However, this may make it necessary to automate loading and unloading.

The prime objective is clear: Reduce costs while increasing product quality and productivity. Achieving this objective with the purchase of a new system requires know-how that may not yet be available within the company. The capacity and performance of the system must correspond to the needs.

Development of laser system

15 years ago, there were perhaps no more than 20 laser cutting machine OEMs. A handful of leading suppliers doninates the market. In the meantime, however, the market has opened up. And today, there are many manufacturers on the market. The number of suppliers of other components, has also increased dramatically. The result are that virtually anyone with a modicum of know-how can now produce a laser machine.

This development has resulted in the market being flooded with cheap equipment. This is precisely where the problem lies: Sheet metal processing companies encouter a large number of new suppliers. They have little process knowledge, do not guarantee spare parts availability, and do not offer any customer services. The reason is that their goal is to sell at low costs. And they want to increase their own market share. This often results in the overlooked fact that rather than being a plug-and-play solution, a laser cutting system only works when countless components interact flawlessly.

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