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The Components of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  I-laser source

The component of fiber laser cutting machine-laser source.

The most component of  fiber laser cutting machine is laser source.

The fiber laser belongs to the high precision equipment, and the core motivation source of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Laser source  is also the most expensive part of the fiber laser cutting machine.

And the cost of laser source is about 50%-60% of the whole machine.

We must pay more attention to it when we purchase a fiber laser cutter.

The laser adopted by the fiber laser cutting machine is mainly fiber laser.

At present, there are popular laser brand like Germany IPG, Nlight and ROFIN, SPI in England in the international laser market.

Nlight laser is mainly cut high anti-material, such as aluminum, gold, sliver and so on.

And domestic brand including Raycus and Max with high value is becoming popular.

Raycus laser source, the best brand in China.

We all know that the imported laser with the characters like high purchase cost, long lead time but with the good cutting quality and efficiency, low maintenance cost and long service life. Compared with the imported laser, there are more choice in domestic market with lower price.

Therefore, it is the best for us to meet our production requirement to choose the laser whether the imported or domestic brand.


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