some common sense of IPG laser source-Ella

some common sense of IPG laser source

1.How do you focus a fiber laser?

3.Can the same fiber laser both cut and weld?

The same fiber laser can do cutting, welding, drilling and cladding.

Many customers have purchased a fiber laser with a 2-way, 4-way or 6-way beam switch.

For example, one leg will have a 100 micron fiber for cutting,

a 200 micron for welding and 400 or higher for cladding or annealing.

The power can change to a different level and switched to a new delivery fiber in a matter of milliseconds.

Delivery fiber can support multiple work stations of up to 200 meters apart.

4.Why is IPG fully vertically integrate?

There are three main reasons:

1>Many of the components used by IPG are not available on the open market or do not meet the stringent requirements required for high power fiber lasers.

2>Vertical integration allows IPG to better optimize components for our unique systems, to respond quickly to customer requests and to bring product to market rapidly.

3>Finally, it allows IPG to closely control cost to maximize the benefit to our customers.