23.common sense of fiber laser cutting head-Ella

When use a fiber laser cutting machine for first time, there will be many problems about machine.

So we made a summary of customers questions about laser cutting machine during work.


When cutting carbon steel by laser, the edges of the work piece sometimes appear burr,
which makes the surface appear not smooth, and some of them are very difficult to remove,
mainly because of the following several points.


1.The position of the laser focus is not correct, so we need to test the position of the focus.

Adjust according to the offset of focus.

2.Nozzle selection is not suitable, replace nozzle.

3.Cutting gas purity and pressure is not enough,

need to provide high quality cutting gas and increase air pressure.

4. If you cut the quadrangle and the two adjacent edges appear burrs,

saying that the center of the bright light path deviates,

you have to reshow the center point of the light path coming out of the nozzle;

if there are burrs on the two sides of the parallel side,

Shows that there is a problem with the verticality of the laser head installed on the machine tool,

and can be taught the installation perpendicularity of the laser head

according to the direction of the burr on the parallel side;

please check if the roundness of the nozzle has changed.

It is necessary to ensure that the roundness of the nozzle is an integral circle.

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