30.fiber laser cutting machine-some common problems with laser cutting head-Ella

When use laser cutting machine,customers will face many problems about machine.
So we made a summary of common problems about laser cutting machine for reference.
1.When cutting carbon steel, there are sometimes burrs on the edge of the workpiece.

Which will make the surface look unsmooth, and some are difficult to remove.

1)  The upper and lower positions of the laser focus are not correct.

We need to do the focus position test and adjust it according to the offset of the focus.

2) The nozzle selection is not suitable,we can change nozzle of different model.

3) The purity and pressure of the cutting gas are insufficient,

and it is necessary to provide high-quality cutting working gas and increase the pressure

4) If we cut the quadrilateral workpiece, the adjacent two sides will have burrs,

indicating that the center of the optical path is offset,

we need to readjust the center point of the optical path from the nozzle.

if there are burrs on the two parallel sides,

the laser There is a problem with the verticality of the head mounted on the machine tool.

The mounting verticality of the laser head can be taught according to the burr direction of the parallel side;

please check whether the roundness of the nozzle opening of the nozzle has changed.

It is necessary to ensure that the roundness of the nozzle opening is a full circle.


2.The surface of cutting plate is rough:

For carbon steel,the upper surface texture is too rough,

indicating the cutting focus is too far from the sheet,we need to adjust the focus closer.

The below surface is too rough, indicating the cutting gas pressure is too high, just need reduce the gas cutting pressure;

The overall grain is too rough, indicating the cutting speed is too slow and we need to increase the cutting speed.


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