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Common application of fiber laser marking machine

Here is Common application of fiber laser marking machine. The most common marks used to identify industrial parts are barcodes and data matrix codes, which are cut, engraved or stamped onto the parts. Laser marking technology is a popular method used for marking parts today.

2D Matrix Codes
A two-dimensional matrix code, also called a 2D Code, consists of black and white cells set up in a square or oblong shape. These symbols represent bits of data, with the black lines indicating a “1” and the white spaces indicating a “0” – the two digits used in data storage. The matrix can store up to 2,335 characters, including both letters and numbers, which are encod onto the bits.
The codes are salable, meaning that they can be etch onto metal in very small

sizes such as 2 or 3 square millimeters with laser engraving equipment.

This makes them the perfect option for direct part marking, such as their use in labeling small electronic components.

Readable Barcodes
Barcodes come in one- and two-dimensional options. The linear or one dimensional barcode represents data through the varied width and spacing of parallel lines. Two-dimensional barcodes use rectangles, dots,

hexagons and other geometric patterns and symbols that are machine readable using

computers, smart phones and barcode scanners.

They are use in direct part marking mainly for the purpose of tracking data on manufactured components. The marks are laser engrave on the components for purposes such as:

Lowering manufacturing costs through loss control
Quality assurance
Compliance with government regulations and industry standard

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