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Last week we participated Jordan exhibition in Amman and we took one set fiber laser marking there. Nearly half customers ask us whether it can work on non-metal material, such as wood and acrylic. As they business on crafts and wood is one most important original material. We know wood engraving need use co2 laser machine.

Fiber laser machine is most advanced laser technology and main used on metal material. Co2 laser machine have longer story than fiber and it main used on non-metal material. Wood, acrylic, leather is the most common application. Of course, nearly each crafts shop have these material.

Co2 laser machine in Crafts shop

Compared with fiber laser machine, co2 laser machine is already very popular tens years ago. It may through laser head’s moving to draw pattern on non-metal.  Its price is very cheap now, but it can work on nearly all non-metal material.

Wood as one of the most popular material for crafts, co2 laser both can engrave and cut it.  it use laser power firing the wood surface then leave black mark. Pattern, photos, letters, numbers…. nearly it can do all content. So it is necessary for every crafts shop.

Except wood, leather, acrylic, rubber, fabric  etc material is also very popular in crafts shop. and co2 laser machine can process them all.

Nowadays metal material is becoming more and more popular. So many crafts shop begin to do some new product with stainless steel and aluminum. In this case, traditional co2 laser machine can’t finish this job. Many people begin to look for new machine. Then fiber laser marking machine become the necessary machine in their shop.

Now their shop have process capacity both on metal and non-metal. If you want to know more details on laser, feel free to contact us.

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