Advantages of Fiber and CO2 Lasers—Tony


Advantages of Fiber And CO2 Lasers

Xintian Technology Co., Ltd manufactures and sell fiber lasers and CO2 lasers, and we choose to do that for a very specific reason. If you want to find out more about the advantages and benefits of both lasers, and why it was such an easy decision for us to choose to stock them, then please go ahead.

There are many laser type in this market. Any laser type has their limitation. Fiber laser machine is widely used in metal processing. But for non-metal materials, CO2 laser type is used well. According the experience in laser filed,  CO2 laser occupies bigger market in laser marking industry. But in the recent year, fiber laser became more and more popularly. Therefore, more and more new companies come into this market. Competition is increasingly fierce.

What‘s the different between fiber laser and CO2 laser?

In generally, fiber laser applies to metal, but CO2 laser applies to non-metal. However, as the fiber laser is rich and widely used. People found the fiber laser also could work on part of non-metal materials. For marking, fiber laser marking machine is also able to work on regular leather, part of plastic, wood with paint on surface and so on. People found the function of fiber laser and CO2 laser have some intersection zone. More important, fiber laser applies on metal perfectly. So the fiber laser is growing in popularity. For now, people use fiber laser on laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and laser welding machine.

But even there is intersection from them, fiber laser machine still can not replace it. It works on non-metal will produce the best effect. In addition, this kind of laser could work on most of non-metal materials. For example, sedan also can cross-country sometimes, but SUV is more professional in cross-country field.

In the end,  both of them have their ability to work on different stuff. Although, there is intersection, but people still distinguish them by function. I don’t know whether the fiber laser will be more popular for a long time.  But they have their own advantages on different field.