chuck can not move when rotary marking?fiber laser marking machine-Jill

Today we share two situations for rotary marking .

chuck can not move when rotary marking?

1.Firstly,Parameter problem

check whether the direction of the contents is for rotation axis marking.

2.Secondly,Operation problem

The text rotation marking, select the “rotate text marking”; vector rotation marking rotation “split mark 2” or “rotary axis marking”; BMP or JPG format picture not rotation axis marking (artificially divided into many small parts of the picture can be the axis of rotation marking)

3. Thirdly,Hardware problem

crew locking chuck is loose, the solution is to re tighten the screw chuck apart.

4.And then,drive failure

if the indicator on the driver is not light, it is likely a driver problem.(Judgment method, turn the chuck by hand after the power supply ,if it is easy to rotate, no caton or locking feeling, this case is generally screw loose, or drive failure)

The picture has gaps or the figures are overlapping?

1.Operation problem

Firstly, measure the diameter of the part, then according to the diameter of the part to adjust the parameters.

Rotation axis marking need to adjust the diameter of the part ,the lager the value, the smaller the gap. If the marked was overlapped, you need to reduced the diameter of the part you fill in the form.

2.Secondly,Hardware failure

Chuck screw loose

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