How to chose Mopa M1 and M6 laser marking machine-Ivy

How to chose Mopa M1 and M6 laser marking machine

This is ivy from XTLASER,recently days,many customer asking for Mopa laser marking machine,so should we chose Mopa M1 or M6? let us talk about here:

Yes,JPT brand MOPA series has M1 and M6. M1 pulse width 6-200ns; M6 pulse width 2-200ns.
For sure, M6 price is more expensive than M1. The difference is M6 speed on marking black color on anodized Aluminum more faster, marking colors on SS is more fresher. So You can choose according to your need.For now, JPT brand MOPA series has 20w and 30w popular.

Here Hot selling model as follow:

Machine details:

Firstlt,30W JPT laser source

Secondly,100*100mm/200*200mm/175*175mm/300*300mm (200*200mm/175*175mm suitable for color marking)
Thirdly,Sino gavlo head
And,original EZCAD software (support win7/8/10,64bits)
Then,extra red points (easy for find focus)
Also,Lenovo laptop ( if shipping by air,will without battery)
Besides,LED Lamp
*2D working tables ( can adjust X and Y axis)
*3 years warranty for full machine
*Online after sales service support
*delivery time:3-5 working days

30w M1 at FOB 6800 USD;
30w M6 at FOB 8100 USD.

MOPA laser also can mark black color on anodized aluminum,here is video: 

For Marking different color on stainless steel, Normal Q-Switched laser source can also mark color on SS, here is video: 

MOPA fiber laser machine can mark different color on stainless steel more easily than Normal Q-Switched laser source. 

About after sales service
Machine is with 3 years’ warranty, during which, all parts is guaranteed. Anything goes wrong, we will send you new using DHL which only costs 3 days, and with videos instruction you how to operate.
During using, any question or problem, you can always contact our after sales department or me, we’ll give you solution within 1 hour, through Skype/WhatsApp/Teamviewer. I’m always online till midnight, which is your morning time. Another USA customer’s feedback of service FYI:

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