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Why choose UV laser marking machine

Many clients don’t know why choose UV laser marking machine.

UV laser marking machine is 355nm wavelength.Due to its high repetition, so it is particularly suitable for marking plastic(ABS,PA). And then it can reach high  speeds which are indispensable able for short cycle times in industrial manufacturing environments. With high peak powers they are most suitable for fine marking and structuring without thermal impact on glass applications.

The Advantages:

Firstly, UV laser marking machine is the best choice for various PCB materials in many industrial fields. From the most basic circuit board, circuit wiring, to the production of pocket-sized. And then embedded chips and other advanced processes are common.

Secondly, UV  laser marking machines work quickly in the production of circuits, and we can etch surface patterns onto the board in minutes. This makes UV laser marking machines the fastest way to produce PCB samples, and more and more sample laboratories are equipped with internal UV laser systems.

Depending on the optical instrument verification, the UV laser beam can be 10-20 μm in size, producing flexible circuit traces. The biggest advantage of UV in the production of circuit traces, the circuit traces are extremely small and need to be visible under the microscope.

Thirdly, UV laser marking machine is an excellent choice for large or small production. And then it is also a good choice for PCB disassembly, especially when it needs on flexible or rigid-flex boards. Disassembly is the removal of a single board from the panel. Considering the increasing flexibility of the material, this disassembly poses a major challenge.

Fourthly, UV laser marking machine can not only eliminate the influence of mechanical stress generated during the disassembly process of edge processing, deformation and damage circuit components, but also less thermal stress than other lasers such as CO2 laser cutting.

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