How To Choose Suitable Laser Marking Machine For Your Work-Anne

How To Choose Suitable Laser Marking Machine For Your Work

We know laser marking machine have Co2 laser marking machine ,fiber laser marker ,mopa laser marking machine ,how to choose a suitable machine for our work?Today we will tell you a fews tips .Select the appropriate laser marking machine, should consider the following:

1. Material: metal and non-metallic.

so (1) metal general use of fiber  laser marker, individual hard plastic can also use mopa marking machine ect.

so (2)Non-metallic (such as ceramics, synthetic materials, rubber leather, paper, vernier caliper) generally use CO2 laser marking machine.

 2. Marking effect: fine and not fine.

(1) It is well known that the laser marker is a non-contact marking form, the use of high energy density of the laser beam on the target role of the target surface physical or chemical changes, The laser beam is focused on the surface of the material, and the material is rapidly vaporized to form the pits.With the laser beam moving regularly on the surface of the material while controlling the breaking of the laser, the laser beam is also on the surface of the material.

(2) The pneumatic marking machine is a contact with the workpiece, the workpiece is a kind of contact with the workpiece, such as stainless steel products, sanitary ware, There is a mechanical stress.Print needle in the role of compressed air to do high-frequency impact movement in the workpiece to print out a certain depth of the mark. The effect is not perfect, there may be some small burr.

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