How to Choose a Suit Laser Marker Machine- Tulsa

How to Choose a Suit Laser Marker Machine- Tulsa

Last time we talked about different laser marker machine can mark different material.

Now let us discuss how to choose a good and suit machine.

1. Material and thickness

According to different material you want to mark, we can choose suit laser type.

For example, fiber laser marking machine is suit metal marking.

Co2 laser marking machine is suit non-metal likes acrylic, wood and leather.

According to your marking thickness, you can choose different power.

If you just need mark, 20w power is enough and suit you.

If you need deep engraving, you need high power like 30w and 50w.

2.Laser source

As you know, laser source is the best important of laser marker machine.

Not only fiber laser marking machine but also fiber laser cutting machine.

Choose a good laser source can increase machine lifetime and reduce your trouble.

IPG and Raycus is used best width brand all over the world.

And quality is good than other brabd too.

3.Control software

Control software is important to a laser marker machine too.

Choose a good software and you will easy to use, no other problems.

Besides many supplier use copy software so that their price is lower than market price.

But, please pay attention, copy software will produce many trouble in use processing.

Our standard is Ezcad software, the best brand in China.

According to our customer’s feedback, it will meet their demand and easy to use.


Except for these questions, many other question will effect a laser marking machine’s quality.

So choose a good suppler is very important.

Please let me know if you need, we will offer kind price and good quality.

XT Laser will always be your best partner, Looking forward your kind repply!


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