How to Choose A Suit Cutting Machinery-Tulsa

How to Choose A Suit Cutting Machinery-Tulsa

We have many customer not know machine very well.

We think maybe many customer have this problem too.

In order to help customer to check if machine suit him, we are glad to introduce how to choose a good cutting machinery.

Please follow us to know more.

1. Cutting material and thickness

Actually, fiber laser cutting machinery is have many same part with fiber laser marking machine.

For example, fiber laser cutting machine is suit metal cutting.

And Co2 laser cutting machine is suit to cut non-metal, like acrylic and leather.

But Co2 can cut thin metal too. Disadvantage is effect not well and cost much.

So you can choose machine type according to material you need to cut.

In order to choose suit power, you need to check material you need to cut.

For example, 500w fiber laser cutting machine can cut Max 3mm Stainless steel and 5mm carbon steel.

That’s why we will ask our customer material and thickness they need to cut.

Laser machine is expensive, we want to choose the best suit machine for our customer.






2.Laser sourse

Laser source is the most important part in a laser machinery.

A good laser source will cutting smooth and fast, lifetime is long, too.

In method, laser source lifetime is 10000 hours so it’s a long time.

But low quality laser source will work bad in a short time.

According to market information and customer feedback, we think laser source brand is important.

Our standard is Raycus and IPG, the best and width use in market.

IPG is Germany brand, the best brand. And Raycus is the best brand in China.

Pay attention in choose laser source.


Hope these information can help you!


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