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How to Choose and Maintain the High Power Laser Cutting Head?

With the maturity of domestic fiber laser technology, cnc fiber laser cutting machine which is more than 10,000 watts is gradually popular. It provides a better scheme for cutting thick plate. However, many manufacturers are not very familiar with the configuration and operation of ultra-high power metal laser cutter. Therefore, we have systematically arranged the selection, installation, maintenance of high power (more than 10000 watts) laser cutting head.

There are following tips.

1.Laser head model selection.

The ratio of the collimating lens to the focusing lens is 100/200. Connector type: the main output is Q+ and QD.

2.Installation and maintenance.

(1) Before using the laser cutting head, it is better to wrap tape around the laser head, preventing dust in the gap from entering the laser head during subsequent maintenance.

(2) Once the internal lens is dirty or damage it, it is not better to remove it for cleaning to avoid secondary and more serious pollution, it is best to replace it with a new one.

(3) The replacement of the upper protective lens, the collimating lens and the focusing lens must performe in a dust-free environment of more than a thousand levels.

(4) When inspecting the lens of the laser head, use a white paper to check whether there is a black spot on the red light of the laser firstly. Then when the power is low, check the light spot with black photosensitive paper. Finally remove the lens and inspect it under a microscope.

(5) Maybe the bottom cavity of some laser heads have no cooling device. In order to ensure long-term stable processing. And avoid the high temperature. It is better to install a water cooling module.

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